Submitting Information to the SED

Graduation Lists

To ensure that every graduating student is accounted for and properly listed in our records, we need a final graduation list for every graduation period during the eligible academic year. The student’s contact information is exempted from FERPA protections as per guidance from the Department of Education. This list should include the:

  • Student First and Last Name
  • Graduation Month/Year
  • Degree Type (PhD, JSD, etc.)
  • Field of Doctorate
  • Student Email Address
  • Student Mailing Address
  • Student Phone Number

To provide the file that contains this information, go to the Upload Forms page. For assistance, please contact us at 877-256-8167 or at

Address Roster

We may request a last-known address for the graduates that did not complete the SED at different points throughout the data collection period.

Missing Information Roster

We may request a Missing Information Roster (MIR) for any nonresponding graduates at the end of the data collection period.